2019 Scenario List

Round 1 Early Thursday

AP140 Misty Morning Mayhem
D6 Draconian Measures
DB140 Beasts at Baruth
FB 18 Red Banner Days
J91 The Sooner the Better

Round 1 Mid Thursday (1pm start)

203 Hard Rok
DB149 Three Little Bridges
DTF6 Manificent Beasts of Prey
FT253 Axis and Allies
RPT167 Meatchoppers with Knives

Round 2 Friday Morning

137 Italian Brothers
AP138 Red Horse Recon
DB147 Bandits and Bolsheviks
FT266 A Fine Mess…
SV12 Trap by Mishap

Round 3 Friday Evening

AP142 The Closer
FT245 Ciao Cina
O15 Highland Frank
RPT150 Diggers at Chongju
CtR12 Bloodied at Wheeler

Round 4 Saturday Morning

AP143 Late for Chow
FT230 Italian Behemoth
HS30 Good Shepherd
RPT121 Fireball!
CtR19 Pug-nacious

Round 5 Saturday Evening

AP134 Death Takes A Toll
AP139 Emergency Surgery
J123 Charging Chaumont
FT239 Amored Probe at Sidi-Nsir
CtR16 Too Close for Comfort

Round 6 Sunday

AP141 Currie’s Favor
FT200 Coconut K
HF4 Liehr Launches First
WO32 Corps Values
YASL Recon on the Logging Trail

Motor Pool (used for catching up)

170 11th Company Counterattack
FT232 Heart of Darkness
Q6 Per L’Onore Di Roma
RPT164 Let’s Shoot the S.O.B.’s

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