2018 Scenario List

Round 1 Early Thursday

114 Cautious Crusaders
204 Human Bullets
AP87 Empire’s Fall
DTF-2 Blitzkrieg
OS-10 Greyhounds

Round 1 Mid Thursday (1pm start)

FrF100 Deutsch Lesson
J159 Tropic Lightning
MM12 Texel Airport
RPT141 Volunteers Became Scarce
WO28 Dean’s Defiance

Round 2 Friday Morning

DB135 The Krinkelterwald
DTF-3 True Grit
FrF99 Boy Soldiers
OS-14 Drive ’em Out
YASL7 Making a Break for It

Round 3 Friday Evening

DTF-8 The Art of War
FrF82 Riders on the Storm
FrF93 Wiener Walzer
HF6 Jackpot Jones
J141 Riding with the King

Round 4 Saturday Morning

DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell
DTF-4 Death to Fascism
FrF96 The Flying Circus
HF4 Liehr Launches First
OS-8 Toehold

Round 5 Saturday Evening

DTF-7 Fast and Furious
FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka
HF8 Fahrenheit 352
J186 Castles on the Horizon
OS-9 Walk the Walk

Round 6 Sunday

DTF-5 AK ’44
FrF95 Blood Red Snow
HF3 First Timers

Motor Pool (used for catching up)

208 The Grist Mill
RPT142 Commander for a Day
RPT146 Plum Pudding Hill

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