2017 Scenario List

Round 1 Early Thursday
BFP29 Hueishan Docks
BFP83 The Second Belt
DBOT4 Turning the Screws

Round 1 Mid Thursday (1pm start)
159 White Tigers
AP129 A Polish Battlefield
DB130 Tigers and Flames
ESG03 Resistance at Paderborn
ITR17 The Devil’s Factory

Round 2 Friday Morning
AP125 Ambush on South Knob
FrF86 Mormal Forest
J189 Buckley’s Block
LFT Send More Pigeons II
SP258 Operation Blackwater

Round 3 Friday Evening
AP131 Crickets in Spring
CH157 Armored Probe
FrF89 Red Tears Shed on Gray
ITR11 Cremation Station
LFT The Kings of Bollersdorf

Round 4 Saturday Morning
AP122 Mechanized Sacrifice
BFP118 Kazina Clash
*DBOT3 Bloody Tired*
FrF85 Junkers Junkyard
SP263 Snova Snare

Round 5 Saturday Evening
*DBOT1 “Things Are…A Bit Sticky”*
FrF88 Panzer Shield
ITR14 Between Rockets and a Hard Place
J187 In Deadly Combat
LCP Storm Five Five Five

Round 6 Sunday
AP127 The First Virtue
BFP114 Engineering Defeat
FrF87 Belgian Tigers
*DBOT5 “These Goddamned Tommies!”*
J183 A Real Barn Burner

Any Evening Night
FrF91 Moonlight Drive

Motor Pool (used for catching up)
DB132 One Last Victory
FT211 Last Charge at Umbrega
PAD1 Time is Tight
PAD2 The Quick and the Dead
PAD3 Earning Face

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