2020 Paid Registrations

Paul Chamberland-5 raffle tix, Brian Wiersma 5 raffle tix

Michael Hershey-5 raffle tix, John Wood-5 raffle tix

Magnus Rimvall-5 raffle tix, Sean Deller-5 raffle tix

Gary Mei-5 raffle tix, Ron Duenskie-5 raffle tix

Paul Sidhu-5 raffle tix, Jon Kay-5 raffle tix

Larry Flaherty-5 raffle tix, Jonathan Kapleau-5 raffle tix

John McDairmid-5 raffle tix, Wai Wong-5 raffle tix

Derek Pulhamus-5 raffle tix, Kedge-5 raffle tix

Seth Semenza-5 raffle tix, JR Tracy-5 raffle tix

Vic Rosso-5 raffle tix, Jim Manfredi-5 raffle tix

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