1- PLEVA OBA rule (includes radio rules)
2- Only one bog DR when AFV’s entering wire hexes
3- No AFV voluntary abandonment unless immobilized/out of gas
(EXC-HT’s and Carriers)
4- No kindling
5- Reverse motion is allowed
6-If ATTACKER declares CE and BFF attack simultaneously, the
DEFENDER can attempt DFF vs. the CE AFV based on the
preceding MP expenditure, before the ATTACKER can BFF.
7-For vehicular mounted FT TK attempt vs an enemy AFV the
following TK DRM apply:
Case A DRMs
Firer in Motion +2
Target in Motion +2
Concealed AFV +2
Regardless of the DRMs an Original DR of 2 is a Burn result and an Original DR of 3 is an Elim result if not already a Burn result.
8-MOL use versus empty hexes is NA

6 thoughts on “ALBANY SPECIAL RULES”

  1. A couple questions/observations on the ASRs.

    For #2, is the intent that an AFV is only required to make a bog DR on initial entry of the wire hex and once in the hex need not/may not take additional bog DR(s) for changing VCA? (i.e., are you trying to reduce the chance that an AFV can clear wire per B26.53 FULLY-TRACKED VEHICLES: Whenever a fully-tracked vehicle passes a Bog check in Wire hex, it removes that Wire counter from the hex if the colored dr of the Bog DR is a 1.)

    For #3, it seems like a player could abuse this rule by intentionally ESBing for a very high likelihood of immobilizing. Should there be an additional condition that a crew may not Abandon an eligible AFV that becomes immobilized from a failed ESB dr?



    1. ASR #2 prevents AFV’s from doing wheelies in the hex to remove the wire. Correct on our intent.
      You get ONE try to remove the wire with a BOG DR unless you leave the hex and then re-enter it.

      ASR #3, good thought that I did not think of Bill. Have to think on that one. Initial thought
      is I have to be able to mind read unless it is obvious.

  2. So does the “Pleva OBA Rule” mean? (reading from the Gor-Gor Heretical Variant Mini SSRs):
    a) that red cards are reshuffled (with an extra red) and battery access is never lost due to drawing two red cards; or
    b) OVA Transverse Drift ; or
    c) both of the above.

    HP34 Big Bad Gun: So the only way for the Italian 75L Gun to get a hit would be on a ROF (or IF) shot?

    1. Correct on Pleva OBA rule. Confused on 75L AA. Intent of the rule is to void
      out a malfunction if the 75L AA GUN rolls a 12 on its FIRST shot only. If you
      get rate with it and decide to roll again and roll a 12, the 75L AA GUN will
      malfunction. FIRST shot of ANY fire phase a 12 is voided out and the shot
      is an auto miss.

  3. >Correct on Pleva OBA rule.

    And the Gor-Gor rules list that a malf’d radio repairs on a 1 or 2 and is not eliminated on a 6—that too?

    >Intent of the rule is to void out a malfunction if the 75L AA GUN

    My bad—I misread the SSR thinking it meant that the first shot of any player turn was an automatic miss (I need to pay better attention to punctuation!)

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