Want to test your ASL skills out and see how good you really are
or how much you have learned through out the year or how much
your ASL game has improved. Show up at Albany and play in the
deepest ASL field in the world of ASL.

The better you play, the tougher your games will get. If you
start losing games, you will be matched up with players at
your level. Winning THREE games in five rounds is a proud
accomplishment at Albany. Winning FOUR games gives you a shot
at the wood. So if you lose one early, and come back to go 4-1,
you can still place. Many players have done it in the past.

We are going with a themed approach for the scenario list
in 2014. It tied my hands a bit but the list will still
pass Albany muster. Players must declare a Round 1 theme
(FB or PTO). FB round has strict time limitations. See
the FB rules tab above.

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