New York State ASL Championship

ALBANY will be VIRTUAL ONLY in 2020!!!!!

All games are assigned by the TD and are at his discretion.
Steven Pleva is the TD and will be running Albany.
If you let Steve know, you can set up a game for the first round
only. Let Steve know if there is anyone you want to play
during the tournament.

Must play in SIX rounds to compete for the wood or diorama
by Joe Leoce. Players dice and HIP sheets are subject to TD
inspection. Please show your HIP sheet to your opponent when
possible during the game. We would like all players to use
precision dice if possible. SP dice are
not allowed unless your opponent lets you use them.

Last two players undefeated going into Round 6 will place
1st and 2nd. Tiebreakers will decide 3rd
and 4th place. If we have THREE undefeated players going into
Round 6, the player left standing at 6-0 wins it and ALL others
are placed using our tiebreaker system as follows:

1-Head to Head Play
2-Total Points (10 per win, 1 point per opponents wins)
(ex. If I beat Ron and Ron ended up with 3 wins, I get 3
points added to my total points)
3-Strength of schedule (opponents winning % that you beat)

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